Crocodile Rock Day Care

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In our toddler play area, here he/she will have access to a wide range of toys designed to stimulate their imagination and offer plenty of scope to practise the new skills they are developing.

They always have open access to all construction toys and other equipment, which helps develop fine motor skills, together with a plentiful supply of books, jigsaws and craft materials, children may also take their naps in the toddler area, usually after lunch.

Toddlers like to move around a lot, so outdoor play is very important, and children are taken outside as much as possible where they can ride bikes, scooters, climb and jump, they also enjoy regular visits to the park for walks and picnics, They join the older children at lunch time and may also take part in activities with the older children such as circle time, or if they want to be with siblings.

Almost before you know it, your toddler will be ready to move up to the final stage in nursery the pre-school. If he/she is enrolling in any of our local schools/nursery, we do offer a escort service to and from your preferred school/nursery if required.

Potty Training

As experienced professionals we support and advise families when we feel a child is ready to start potty training, we will discuss and work with the family the ways in which we are all going to work together to approach the transition to support your child, ensuring it is a positive and consistent experience.

We at Crocodile Rock Day Care ensure the children are comfortable with the bathroom routine, encouraging as much independence as possible, from dressing themselves to washing and drying their hands.

This allows them to be in control of the situation and results in empowerment, raising self-esteem and confidence.

The children's rooms are prepared with books and activities to promote self-help skills, this seamlessly reinforces children's knowledge and understanding of potty training and their independence.

Our team are sensitive to this procedure and each child will be supported depending o their needs and routines. We offer advise against 'pull ups' as it is believed by children these are still a form of nappy and making the transition more difficult.

Please bring spare clothes as there will be accidents.